No One Is better’ I enjoy having S$x with the dog [Video)

By: admin / May 3rd, 2022 / 17 views

No One Is better’ I enjoy having S$x with the dog [Video)
Cossy Orjiakor, a busty and outspoken Nigerian actress, model, musician, social media influencer, and fashion freak, also known as Cossy Barbie, has just shared a new video on her personal Instagram page.

As we all know, this beautiful actress, who goes by the name Apostle Cossy, usually dishes out some words of wisdom every Sunday, and she has released another Sunday sermon this time around.

According to what Cossy Barbie said this time, she read from Romans 3:23 and stated that everyone is a sinner and that all sins are the same, and that people should not look at others and think they are better than them because of their sins.

Don’t Think You’re Better Than The Girl Who Just Had Sx With Your Dog, We’re All Sinners,” Cossy Barbie added. She concluded her sermon by saying that we should love, care for, and affectionately treat everyone.

Watch her video below;