Uju Mandy Causes A Stir As She Shows Off Her Body Transformation

By: admin / May 12th, 2022 / 11 views

One of Nigeria’s social media influencers, Uju Mandy, has joined the list of celebrities who have boldly come out to show off how they have transformed over the years. She shared the changes that have occurred in her since from 2017 to 2022, and it’s just simply unbelievable as she looks very different in both pictures. It is not everybody that can boldly come out to show her transformation on social media due to the fear of trolls, but Uju Mandy has shown her fearlessness on this occasion.

She looks different in both pictures, with her looking younger in the first picture while she looks older in the second. She has become more chubby in her current appearance compared to her younger appearance, and she has also ditched her blonde hairstyle for a braided one in her new photo.

Her caption says it all as she used it to describe the year in which the two pictures were taken. She said, “2017 vs 2022.” This is an indication that one of the pictures was taken in 2017, while the other one was taken in 2022.

To undergo such a significant change in just five years is quite amazing. In fact, her mode of dressing nowadays has totally changed compared to when she was younger.