Meet Lerin, The Nigerian Most biggest Boobs Lady On Social Media[See the size]

By: admin / March 21st, 2022 / 8 views

Social media, particularly Instagram is no place for the faint-hearted or people with a low threshold for absorbing sensually explicit content.
Nigerian Instagram Model causes Stir as she Shares Eye-Catching Photos of Herself Online
There’s hardly a page you turn without having some endowed lady rubbing their Mother Nature’s gifts on your face.
The social media platform has become a sort of haven for ladies, particularly busty ladies, who often roll out their tanks to blast the minds of their admirers.
Joy Adeyanju Oluwafeyifunmike, also known as Lerin, with the Instagram handle @theonlysweetyville, has confessed that she started it all.
“I’m the first Nigerian busty lady who confidently showcased her boobs on social media. Though there was a popular busty actress way back from the 80s during her time she wasn’t known on social media, not until I started inspiring and showing how confident I am in my body without thinking about what people would say. I believe my confidence has opened doors for so many busty ladies from my country to also start showcasing their curves without feeling ashamed,” she said in a chat with Potpourri.
Lerin, who claims to be Nigeria’s bustiest fashion model is based in the United Arab Emirates. She is the founder and CEO of Sweetyville Fragrance, Sweetyville Beauty, and Sweetyville Home Interior.
She is also a brand influencer who is a brand ambassador to Jacques Xclusive Lingerie.