Read 10 Of Chiwetalu Agu’s Famous Catchphrases As The Veteran Actor, Clocks 66

By: admin / March 9th, 2022 / 4 views

Veteran Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Chiwetalu Agu today March 5, 2022, clocks 66 years. He was born in the year 1956. His name is synonymous with sidesplitting slangs that he conjures out of nowhere.

The movies he featured in during his earlier years made the childhood of many Nigerian Youths today. Even though he is a typical Igbo man that promotes his language, other tribes don’t shy away from seeing movies he features in. There’s barely any movie that is without an echo of his legendary terminologies and proverbs.

Chiwetalu Agu‘s usage of specific language slangs, phrases or clichés in many films has made him uniquely a household name in Nigeria and among Nollywood fans in general.

WITHIN NIGERIA brings you some of these interesting slangs to make your weekend as the veteran marks his day.

Chiwetalu Agu

There’s a cliche that says, ‘If you don’t laugh at Chiwetalu Agu’s slangs, then something could be wrong with you.’ Of the many, here are 10 of his famous catchphrases:

  • Ekwensu eh romance mamiwater!
  • Nnemu-Njai
  • Buru isi mu tinye n’ike nwanyi

  • Tepenipa Tepenipa
  • Oteluba Otelose
  • Aka ose adighi mma na otele
  • A gwomu aju bunye ike nwanyi
Chiwetalu Agu
  • Nkoli akolia n’elu kolia n’ala
  • Otangele mbuochie
  • Uwa kpuru ekpu kunuu n’acho ikpu ozo

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